From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 13:45:42 EEST

Hi All
        I agree with AB? about the problem with super RQ mechanics is the
whole system rapidly disintergrates into Onslaughtian biting contests
much above 100%. As mentioned earlier I use a very simple mechanic for
my Gloranthan roleplaying which is based around a double open-endded
d10 roll. This is (I think) similar to the Vampire mechanics (advocated
by AB) and stops the total dominance by people over 100%.

        Interestingly, the style of play is not much affected by this
mechanic and games still have a very RQ feel (although things can get
suddenly very bloody). In fact the thing that affects the style most
is that I (after talking with Greg "Healing is 90% less common in G than RQ")
have halved the effectiveness of healing *and* I allow only 1 healing
spell per wound per day (and thats generous!). In my experience the

simplified mechanics (opposed open-endded d10 rolls) produces a faster
game without losing much of the RQ feel. The open-endded mechanic
stops really gross characters from feeling too secure.

        In fact, last weekend (Kevin you may want to stop reading here)
I ran a scenario where most of the characters were advanced level initiates
70 to 80% with a few 90+ Yelmalio gifts and maybe one magic xtal each
(although they were good xtals as they had recently paid a visit to Dyskund
caverns). The final character was anything but normal, he was a disgraced
ex-sword of Humakt with very high main guache and sling, 10 points of
strengthening enchantment, about 6 pts of armouring enchantment on most
locations and most of the *good* spirit magic in the book! Well, the
other characters were able to spot that he was not the archivist he claimed
to be (The incident with the bronze dagger melting and dripping down his
leg after one of the party DIed to Humakt is still puzzling them, I ruled
that his basket hilted main gauche was too disimilar to a death rune to
affect!). However, while the scenario was pretty dangerous for the other
caracters (2 died) he was not un-worried and got quite concerned at one
point (Oh, did I mention that he also had a variety of sorcery spells
running at intensities 10+!!!). So dispite having 33 HPs to most of the
parties 13 and more APs when naked than they had in their armour the
system did manage to cope, although I admit he did unbalance things a bit...

Well thats my bit on HQ mechanics, keep them open-endded (risky) and
simple (do you find lond combats boring?) and then concentrate on the
story. BTW I also agree that some variant on the Mythos style mechanics
might be one way to produce a HQ game.



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