Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #571

Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 14:31:57 EEST

Steven Lieb says:

>> I also know that the Poisonthorns claim to have lived in
>>their forest since the time of Gbaji, and to have received their
>>special plant from Aldrya as a gift for resisting Gbaji's influence.
>>Sandy P.

>OK, now I'm confused - I was of the understanding that the Aldryami support
>for Nysalor was almost 100%? Weren't elves some of the major defenders of
>Nysalor against Arkats dark army?

Why are you confused - you've got exactly the right idea. The
Poisonthorns love Nysalor and hate Gbaji. Everyone hates Gbaji. Who
is Gbaji? - that's the question!

Graeme Willoughby


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