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 IMO using a system not only like Storyteller for a HeroQuest, but *exactly*
like storyteller will only enhance your HeroQuest. The conversion of skills,
and attributes, over to Storyteller is not too difficult, but the conversion
of magic over to Storyteller and any Hero Powers gained back over to RQ
would be.
 Personally, if you have a copy of Mage at hand, use this. Convert the
amount of Spirit Magic and Rune Magic over to the "dots" of Storyteller. A
simple fighter may have 1 point in Spirit magic, while Onslaught will have
five in Rune Magic. All magics can be used the same as Mage magic, except
the effects produced depend upon the type of magic.

SPIRIT: Limited to the type of things spirit magic does. Befuddle, a low
level disrupt (x1 dmg), so you can't fly or teleport. But you could summon
spirits and control them.

DIVINE: You can only use effects connected to the Runes that the god you
worship possess. Onslaught could use x3 dmg effects, an Orlanthi Wind Lord
could fly, Maran Gori can cause Earthquakes. Using the charts in Mage, just
about any effect can be counted for.

SORCERY: No idea, it's too varied.

 This means that the actual magic a character has on the real plane is not
related to the effects they can make on the HeroPlane. I don't see this as a
problem. It would be more *heroic* and dramatic to freeform the abilities
that a character can produce. It is one of the best reasons to use the
Storyteller system, the freeform aspect.

 I would also like to see GoonQuest II before making any final decision on a
HQ system. I would like to know more about the idea of using cards in HQ, I
haven't seen Everway and since it's forty pound here in England I doubt I,
or any one I know, will have a copy in the foreseeable future (and I daren't
buy Mythos, I'll end up addicted to another CCG).


 The idea of a Cult of a Hundred Gods is very intresting, and would be a lot
more managable than just having myriads of very recognisable cults that
don't have a specific KoW feeling.
 I would call the cult the Path of War and Death; each member on the cult
path tries to reach an "enlightened" state wherein they realize the true
nature of Death and War. I favour the idea that Kargan Tor is returning to
the world via KoW. I have a cult write-up of Kargan Tor somwhere, a friend
wrote it some while ago, the cultists would be on the Path of War and Death
until they are finally accepted into the Cult of Kargan Tor. Does the KoW
include Eastern war gods, or chaos?
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