Re: How the West was Won; Decisive Battles; etc.

From: David Dunham (
Date: Sat 18 May 1996 - 01:04:28 EEST

Jim "Theoblanc" Chapin wrote

> the reactionary views of the Rokari made the Hrestoli more
> united than they should have been

Had I known this, I never would have supported a non-Hrestoli as
Ecclesiarch -- I really thought this was going to be essential.

> they
> would not have gone out of their way to insult us by picking a Lunar
>agent (who
> was actually Arkat the Deceiver) as their pope

If I had wanted to insult you, *I* would have run as Ecclesiarch. I might
not have been clear on his Lunar sympathies (but then as Gaiseron the
Mystic, I probably wouldn't have been). It seemed like a reasonable
compromise to me (plus he'd converted to Hrestolism, and I thought this
would overcome any previous sympathies).

> Imitate Mating Call of Titanothere (Ability: one-use)

Would have got Gaiseron going -- the titanothere (which I'm sure must have
been a baluchitherium) was a personal (not character) interest of mine. I'm
saddened by Nick's admission that it had a point, other than fun.

To Peter Metcalfe's list of decisive battles I'd add Arkat's defeat at
Kartolin. This was essentially the only time Arkat's forces were stopped,
and he would have never had to invade through the Holy Country and Dragon
Pass otherwise.

Steven Lieb wondered

> you can't
> even lurk here for long without forming opinions on the major thematic
> issues of Glorantha, imo.
> Frex: Lunar Empire - good or bad?


One of the great virtues of Glorantha (as you point out) is that there is
no one single good viewpoint -- I can see merits in both sides. There are
lots of thematic issues that I really have no opinion about.

Lewis Jardine

> I allow only 1 healing
> spell per wound per day (and thats generous!)

You're right about your generosity -- in my PenDragon Pass variant, I allow
only one (successful) healing spell per wound, period. My theory is that
this is far better than you get in the real world, showing that Glorantha
is a magic place, but it's not going to make wounds go away, so they will
still get a lot of respect.

BTW, someone recently asked me why I don't have scenarios at my Gloranthan
Web site <> -- the reason is
that nobody's sent me any.


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