Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #568

From: David Swanson Millians (
Date: Sat 18 May 1996 - 01:47:06 EEST

> From: (Cheiron )
> >Cardinal of Bregsburg, Perfectus
> I must say however, it's nice to know that at least some of
> Sulfraginis's later debilitation was due to the failure of his
> dispicable herectical immortality spell and not just the side affects
> of the unforseeable, tragic, entirely accidental and much regretted
> triggering of another banned spell by the chair (one thats starts with
> "T".)

"Wherruz that krjalaraluck-luvvin' cat?"

This was indeed a delightful moment in the game. For a few minutes we
all seemed to be surprising one another with odd abilities or powers
admittedly used in odd ways.

David "Doesn't Actually Eat Cats" Millians


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