Re: Questions Questions Questions!

From: Hasni Mubarak (
Date: Sat 18 May 1996 - 02:30:51 EEST

Ok, I've got some quick questions...

Sandy, with your sorcery, If somebody uses "Invoke Lightning" to
electricute somebody, does he have to roll a to hit, or overcome magic

HUMAKT: Ok, when a death-boy becomes a Sword, he can get another gift
and geas. In fact, that's purty much the ONLY way to get additional
gifts. However, how can a sword give 180% of his income? (By taking
multiple enhance stat gifts...?)

Yanarfal Tarnils: (How do you spell that name, anyhow?) How do these
guys justify their existence? I mean, they have to KNOW that they are
worshiping a mere shadow of the REAL death god, right? Or are they
really worshiping the Seven Mothers, and that's just a "Hero" cult for

Any ideas on differences between Jonatelan Humakti and Sartarite

Carse: Who runs Carse? Is it a Lunar appointment? Does Carse consider
itself to be "Free", "Occupied", or "incorporated [into the Lunar


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