Insulted Rokari

Date: Sat 18 May 1996 - 08:54:50 EEST

The "other" Pope, DD, writes:

If I had wanted to insult you, *I* would have run as Ecclesiarch. I might
not have been clear on his Lunar sympathies (but then as Gaiseron the
Mystic, I probably wouldn't have been). It seemed like a reasonable
compromise to me (plus he'd converted to Hrestolism, and I thought this
would overcome any previous sympathies).

We`expected Gaiseron to be elected, and that would not have been an insult.
What was insulting was to electa Lunar Arrolian that had already been
expelled as per Notslor's dying words, and then readmitted illegally while
I was prevented from speaking by a Lunar woman's use of the evils of her
sex! To make it worse, the new "Pope" had voted against most of the
decisions of the Congress, while under my conciliatory leadership, the
Rokari had voted with the majority.

Well, we Rokari learned our lesson -- it is obvious that the heresies of
Loskalm and their submission to the twin evils of the Lunar way and of
Arkat will lead to their eventual conquest by the KOW. We Rokari, of
course, will reconvene the true 7th Council without the heretics at
Leplain, where the good work of the 6th Council was accomplished. It is
sad that the erring brethren at Sog City could so directly contravene
the final words of the dying prophet -- but in so doing they revealed
that they had been possessed by evil.

Theoblanc the Pious


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