Allegations, arguments, allegories...

Date: Sat 18 May 1996 - 17:15:53 EEST

Hi all!

Steven Barnes:
>The number quoted, allegedly by Stafford, was that you could
>either have +100% for yourself, or +10% for the clan.

As the individual who audiotaped and videotaped the seminar
where Greg discussed this, and as the person who was in
charge of transcribing those tapes, I can definitively prove
that Greg Stafford used those numbers in his example of the
Heroic process. There is nothing alleged about them!

However, it should also be noted that Greg also _clearly_
stated he was "just making up these numbers and throwing it
out as a concept," and that "these are not game rules." So the
exact numbers don't matter anyway. It was simply an example
of the difference between heroquesting for yourself and
heroquesting for your community.



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