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Date: Sun 19 May 1996 - 18:46:48 EEST

Nils accuses me of saying silly things:

>Michael Raaterova:
>Isn't it better to post one's appreciation to the list instead of
>saying silly things? :-)

What's silly about it? The 'lemon curry' was from Monty Python and the the
other bits was a Command spell, which Martin understood perfectly well.

I didn't post the cult write-up because i wanted to see the reaction to the
Schools of Thoughts first (which can propably be incorporated into any LM
cult write-up as it doesn't contain game mechanics). LM is a minor cult and
GMs might be happy with the official write-up, so there's no need to post
another interpretation just for posting. If the digest tribe wanted to see
it, they'd ask for it.

I also didn't post it because the text is still beta-version - too
unstructured to post, but good enough for my needs as a storyteller.

Nisse again:

>I suppose this was a writeup of
>the Lhankor Mhy cult in civilized areas, since I saw nothing about
>his role as lawspeaker.

So i didn't mention the sage's role as lawspeaker. I also didn't mention
any other roles. The article presented possible doctrines for LMs as
practiced in temples. The majority of LMs are initiated and educated in

temples, even rural lawspeakers, and when you get a bunch of Truth-oriented
people together they will argue and speculate about truth and their god,
regardless of their level of civilization.

Civilized areas can support larger temples and more LMs, which leads to
wider philosophical diversity and argument. Single-sage temples (clan or
tribal shrines) propably don't produce much internal diversity, but the
sage will still follow some sort of doctrine.

Due to the sedentary nature of most LMs, a certain school of thought or a
combination of schools will propably be the dominant practice in a region,
to which most LMs adhere, creating regional orthodoxy. I'm not sure which
schools are dominant where. Anybody have ideas?

Conflicting schools and wars of theory can only be found in famous temples,
which attracts initiates from all over. Serious infighting is not possible
in smaller temples for they would disintegrate. The Truth temple in Nochet
breeds controversy because LMs from all over Glorantha have come there to
study. In Pavis, i'd guess the major conflict is between LM illusionism and
the radical visionism of Irripi Ontor.

Martin Crim says:

>Lemon curry, lemon curry, lemon curry.

Which is the magic phrase. The cult write-up is on its way.


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