Chaos and the meaning of Gorm

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Mon 20 May 1996 - 13:20:35 EEST

Dominic McNamara:

> The problem as i see it is that chaos' use of illumination will
>ultimately destroy cultural variability, even though it initially seems
>to be offering this; in the long run of history glorantha will be
>swallowed back into the primordial chaos slime.

Chaos _uses_ Illumination? The only chaotic school of illumination
that I'm aware of is Razalkark's. Beyond this there is hardly any
systematic theory of Illumination among any chaotics in glorantha.
Even Razalkark's school will cease to exist after he gets his
comeuppance by Oddi the Keen a few years hence.

IMO most chaotic illuminates are considered *insane* to their non-
illuminated brethen (Consider Jim Chapin's version of the Wild
Healer posted recently). Furthermore their hold on reality is so
fragile that I find the possibility of the destruction of the world
at their hands to be remote (Why should I want to destroy the world?
It doesn't exist! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!).


>P.S. What does "gormless" actually mean [other than 'without gorm']?

According to the New Shorter Oxford, Gorm is actually the Medieval
English _Gome_ which means 'heed, notice'. Thus someone who is
gormless is 'slow-witted, stupid, lacking-sense'.

Incidentally the Irish also know Gorm which means a fool or a
stupid lout. This usage is believed to come from a different

Thus it is entirely possible to be a Gormless Gorm.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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