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Date: Mon 20 May 1996 - 19:55:23 EEST

I get my info about Glorantha only from the list, which is kind of
frustrating, since you loremasters tend to drop lots of historical info as


So, basically, I have a really skewed vision of Glorantha, because it is
formed by my impressions of stray words half paid attention to. Keep that in
mind as I describe the following "revelations". Maybe the lies in the
following will spark some insight within a more learned contributor


He's a big sorceror, right? Anyway, I seem to recall reading somewhere that
Greg described him as "as dangerous and ultimately meaningful as a lion"

I wonder about that. He found a new way through the Heroplane and ended up
creating sorcery. And he seems to have created the sea's closing and the

Syndic's ban(?).

These changes seem to have tremendous impact on Glorantha. Even if Zzabur
doesn't champion a cause like other heroes, he seems more than just the hero
who quests for a +100% to himself, because his effects are also very
powerful on the rest of Glorantha. Maybe it would be better to say he is as
dangerous and ultimately meaningul as a hurricane.


Okay, they did something strange to the Heroplane but it doesn't work any

Here's a thought. The God Learners were destroyed in part by Zzabur, and one
of the things he really mucked with was communication spirits.

Maybe, like Zzabur, the God Learners found a new way through the Heroplane
that led to a new way of affecting Glorantha. Maybe this way had something
to do with Communication spirits.

I think that communication spirits must be what really inspire tribal
loremasters and storytellers with not only their gifts but also the stories
themselves. Stories and lore are living things. Maybe what the God-learners

did was discover the Heroic pattern in epic fiction (a la Hero of 1000
Faces) and then messed with the communication spirits in a way that *changed
the stories* so that the tribal lore itself changed. People would remember
the new stories as having been the old stories and since Gloranthan
perception seems to shape the Hero plane, the God Learners' desired changes
would take effect.

When Zzabur did his big thing to the seas and started gathering
communications spirits (though I never quite understood that last part,
except that it led to the Ban), he was basically dismantling the God Learner
method of operation so that now their techniques don't work any more.


Arkat fought Nysalor/Gbaji and someone came away from the fight bearing the
broken body of the other, but the stories never say which. Probably because
it doesn't matter.

But in Wizard of Earthsea, the main character, Ged, releases a powerful
entity that really represents the dark urges within Ged himself. Though the
entity is external to Ged it is also a part of Ged and Ged defeats it when
he accepts that part of himself.

Maybe, spiritually Arkat and Nysalor/Gbaji are the same being and in the
fight, they neutralized each other. Then they both won and lost and it
doesn't matter physically who was carrying whom.

I think some of these Gloranthan stories would probably make good novels if
fictionalized. Gloranthan historical fiction right now seems to concentrate
on a legend, scholarly folktale kind of style, which is okay as far as it
goes, but such a style sometimes downplays active conflict so much that it
ends up lying.

- --
Chris Pearce


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