Lunar misconceptions

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 04:15:26 EEST

Brett Evill:

>I don't quite remember the exact figures from "The Wealth of Nations",
>but ox carts are several thousand times as expensive per cargo tonne-
>kilometre than ships. That is why the Europeans found it worthwhile
>to construct navigation canals at fantastic expense.

But the Lunars don't need to construct one. They already have the
Oslir, Arcos and Poralistor Rivers. The Nile served a similar
function for Egypt.

>And by the way, the Lunars have already overwhelmed a viable alternative-
>the civilised Darahappan empire.

Wrong. Dara Happa had been conquered by the Bull Shahs of Carmanians.
The Lunar Way was a reaction against those Barbarians. The Lunars are
the cultural descendants of the Dara Happans just as much as Imperial
Rome is related to Republican Rome; there are differences but the
similarities outweigh the differences. There was a Dara Happan rebellion
against the Lunar Way but this was just jealous aristocracts sore at the
loss of their status in the New Way.

>But even so, Illumination is infectious, like other forms of
>chaos. Unchecked, Illumination will infect all RuneLords, swamping
>everything else and destroying all societies and religions.

Illumination is not Chaos. It does not destroy society nor religions.
It has been 'unchecked' within the Lunar Empire for the past 400 years
and yet the cults of Yelm, Lodril and Oslir (for starters) are still as
strong and vibrant as ever.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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