Re: Illumination

From: Steven E. Barnes (
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 07:31:24 EEST

"Matthew Bull" <> writes:

>The way this works is the access a worshipper gives his to his God during POW
>sacrifice, access to his soul. During worship a God will scan the souls
>(whatever you care to call it) of those present and searches for signs of

I do believe that guilt is the key to why worshipers are attacked
by spirits of reprisal. But I don't think "gods" have any direct
involvement in the process.

According to the theists, the gods are bound by the Compromise,
and cannot take direct action. So how then can they punish a
heretic by sending a spirit of reprisal?

>Similarly Detect Law/Chaos normally works on the subjects "inbuilt" knowledge
>of which they are. But an illuminated subject is aware that he is neither.

A gorp is not aware of anything, but a Storm Bull can still sense
its chaotic nature.

- -steve


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