Humakti tithe

Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 08:24:25 EEST

Hasni Mubarak wote:

>HUMAKT: Ok, when a death-boy becomes a Sword, he can get another gift
>and geas. In fact, that's purty much the ONLY way to get additional
>gifts. However, how can a sword give 180% of his income? (By taking
>multiple enhance stat gifts...?)

Since the Humakti tithe a percentage of what they have with them on their
HHD, tithes of over 100% (or greater) could be handled by tithing HALF the
percentage, TWICE per year. Once on their HHD and again on some other
significant date. ie. 180% tithe is two 90% tithes anually.

Catch Ya.


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