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Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 10:00:24 EEST

Michael, that's a superb piece. You wrote that you wanted to
make the LM cult more alive and exciting and in my opinion
you have succeeded very well.

>Many systems of divination and models of truth have been formulated over
>the years, collectively called the Mhysticism.

>Never Lie. Never tell a Secret. Poverty. Always keep your word. Celibacy...

Does an initiate gain anything by taking geases? If so, what?

>CONFUSE (1pt, LOS, temp, nonstack, reusable)
>Lhankor Mhy once tricked Trickster with Truth, for Truth can seem
>paradoxical and confusing, and can harm those unprepared for it.

A favourite spell with illuminated sages one would guess.

>LORE TRANCE (2pts, ritual, nonstack, reusable)
>means that the character has catched the attention of a Gift Carrier

Gift Carrier as in the GCs of the sending gods, which destroyed the
God Learners? If so, this is my only objection. Those GCs come only
to those who know the GL secret and that knowledge is gone forever
(from Glorantha that is, in our world Greg and Sandy still know it).
And I don't think even a mighty spell like this can give you any
knowledge about the secret.


D M McNamara:
>However, the lunar empire is more powerful than the romans could have
>ever been - it has weird and wacky 'equalisers' that can stomp any
>problem the romans ever had.
>How could the lunars fail? (i still can't believe they did - maybe
>the parts in 'king of sartar' describing their doom was made up by a
>wistful scribe, i dunno)

Not to resurrect the 'who won' debate, but remember that the enemies
of the lunars also have wacky equalisers: Argrath's dragon friends,
Harrek etc.

Peter Metcalfe:
>Thus it is entirely possible to be a Gormless Gorm.

Help, he's trying to illuminate us!

Andrew Joelson:
>Yanafal Tarnils is the normal spelling, (although Tar'nils is
>sometimes used).

Nice guy that, with such a name: Tar'NILS.

Jean Durupt:
>Vadeli and Waertagi
>Both races want a monopoly on the seas.
>The Vadeli need Dormal'magic. The Waertagi don't (at least IMO).
>Any other seafaring nation has a choice to do.
>They can side with the Waertagi to crush the Vadeli, but the Waertagi
>want to destroy Dormal's magic and destroy their fleet.
>They can side with the Vadeli against the Waertagi.

I don't think the Haragalans care much for either. They consider
themselves the overlords of the eastern seas. The Waertagi haven't
been around since the first age and if the vadeli came to the East
Isles to trade the Haragalans would probably be very suspicious
of them.

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