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Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 13:35:21 EEST

   I was composing a long email on why the romans had to invade britain
and my computer crashed (why must we use such a krjalki form of
communication anyway?), i cannot br bothered to write it all out
again (collective sigh of relief).
  It is perhaps a good thing, as we are meant to be discussing lunars,
not romans....
  however, i would suggest you read the following books....the evidence
supporting the economic theory
is quite staggering....

Green....'the archaeology of the roman economy'
Millett...'the romanisation of britain'

G.E.M. de Ste. Croix...'the class struggle in the ancient greek world'
Love...'Antiquity and capitalism'

You might want to read max weber's 'the agrarian sociology of ancient
civilisations' (bit dated now)
karl marx 'pre-capitalist economic formations' (bit dated now)
(and this one is dead useful for lots of things)...Michael mann's 'the
sources of social power'

  Well, if you can be bothered (i have to do it for my studies anyway).
It is interesting that the lunar empire has so many perspectives...good
or bad? it is the same with the roman empire and modern social scientists.
For example,
  de Ste. Croix compared it to a primitive capitalist society, which
sought to enslave all and collapsed due to inherent contradictions
  Rostovtzeff (who fled from stalin's USSR) saw it as an evil empire,
bent on statist policies (old rostovtzeff was a bit right wing you see)
  Gibbon saw its demise due to a beneficient christianity (taking his lead
tacitus, who originally saw the barbaric germans as 'innocent,' and his
fellow romans as corrupt scumbags)

  However, i would emphasise the need to remain critical - and at the
moment at least, the collapse of the empire does seem largely due to
economic failure (perhaps due to the present concern with economic
decline in the west?).


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