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Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 14:13:01 EEST

>From: (Brett Evill)

>In a military and political sense, perhaps even an economic one, the Lunars
>may well resemble the Roman Empire. However, the Romans did not feed people
>to the Crimson Bat, and did not encourage irresponsible hero-questers to
>pillage the god plane, risking disasters as great as those brought on by

>the God-Learners.

        The Crimson Bat is indeed an atrocity. And the Lunars don't pretend
otherwise. But it is certainly not the only one in Glorantha.
        And as for irresponsible hero-questers wrecking the god plane -
excuse me! Time to put on my Lunar propaganist hat! Lunar travel and
journey (their term for heroquesting) is nothing like the God Learners at
all, as any Red Goddess initiate can tell you. T&Jers always approach the
god plane with respect, and any new paths they create are in harmony with
the old myths, and new paths are created only because they are better, not
for the sake of creation like the god learners. At least thats what they
say. The Lunars certainly don't encourage rampant pillaging of the God
Plane any more than anybody else. What I know of Lunar T&Jers seems to
indicate that they are rather more inspired in the direction of spiritual
experience than most heroquesters. The Lunars seek inspiration and
enlightenment, where the God Learners sought only power and knowledge.
        <propagandist hat mostly off>

        I think the God Learner mistake in their attitude to the
hero-plane, at least in part, was to reject the internal changes, to
believe heroquesting was totally about changing the world, and to reject
the changes to the heroquester as much as possible. Perhaps a God Learner
secret (probably not THE god learner secret) is 'nothing can make you
change if you don't want to' - you can always come out of a heroquest as
the same person with a nifty power. The Lunars, IMHO, do not believe
anything like this - they want to be changed. They want to be changed as
their goddess was changed. I don't think the Orlanthi propagandists would
necessarily dispute this, either - the Lunar willingness to accept what
they should hate, and to change themselves (in Orlanthi eyes, generally
into hideous chaotic monsters) is not in dispute. This is also why the

conservative Yelmies resist the Lunar truth - the Yelmites like stability
and order and resist change, and especially believe everyone should know
their place in the world (usually, beneath them), while the Lunars believe
that as everyone should strive to change themselves, it is only natural
they should change their place in the world.
        The Lunars believe, for example, that there is power that only
comes from suffering, or sacrifice, or acceptance of your enemy. They
believe in death and rebirth. The Orlanthi hate them in part because their
acceptance of such things makes them more likely to inflict them on others
as well as themselves.

        While the God Learners just wanted to kick butt, experiment, and
get some nifty stuff. They didn't want to suffer, they didn't want to get
hurt. They want to distance themselves personally from their heroquest
actions as much as possible, unless there is a nifty power to be gained.

        NB - it should be borne in mind that a lot of my understanding of
the Lunar philosphy has come only since RQ CON DU. When I say, for example,
that the Lunars believe in sacrifice and suffering, I can say this with
some confidence, as I know that Gerra (godess of suffering) and JagaNatha
(goddess of sacrifice) are aspects of the Goddess. I really hope some of
this can be shared with the Glorantha community more widely, particularly

Greg Staffords speech, were he outlined the basic story of the Red Goddess
(and there was a lot more of it than you might expect - it begins at the
beginning of time, for a start).
        And I certainly don't claim to be any sort of authority. I may be
misrepresenting them grossly - though no doubt no more than the Orlanthi
apologists do!

>And by the way, the Lunars have already overwhelmed a viable alternative-
>the civilised Darahappan empire.
        What, those rigid bores - anyway, they were already conquered by
the Carmanians.


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