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Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 15:13:06 EEST

  Hello again fellow morokanth...
I remembered the other day a silly argument i had about call of cthulhu
and runequest. I am sure you are all familiar with similar arguments, yet
i still feel they are of the utmost importance, as much as 'who is
arkat?' etc.
  1. Can great cthulhu whip 'the mother of all monsters' (elder secrets)
butt in a fisticuffs combat (in pamaltela), if he decided to shuffle on over
and do some sight-seeing? After all, in Dorastor there is the suggestion
that a hunting horror, for example, could be flapping about the land of
doom. (but is it a chaos demon that coincidentally resembles a hunting
horror, or a real-live objective hunting horror?)

    The general consensus of opinion was that cthulhu would win, because
he doesn't even have to physically enter glorantha - instead he can send
his dreaming mind and float about the landscape (but wouldn't be able to
bring back any tacky brass souveneirs of the Block, or get those unusual
dara happan dancing girl playing cards he's always wanted). Therefore he
can enter 'spirit combat.'
    Also, one of cthulhu'd deadliest and meanest physical attacks is 'grab
1d4 investigators' with his wibbly mouth tentacles. If the mother of all

monsters could be counted as an 'investigator,' (erm..investigating
pamaltela?) could be grab it and stuff all of it in his mouth?

2. If the Crimson Bat and great cthulhu bumped into each other while
checking out the hero plane, and decided to have a tentacle wrestling
contest, who would win?

  ie. the crimson bats tongues vs. cthulhu's investigator grabbing
'mouth' tentacles.
  We reckoned the crimson bat would win - just because he's so ugly.

3. Carl stanford (of 'hermetic order of silver twilight fame') and ZZabur
think it would be fun to summon the most gruesome thing that they can
think of. Who would summon the most hideous thing imaginable?
  We weren't sure about this one...we thought they would both try to
summon the same thing and cause a summoning 'loop' and decide to call it
a draw.

4. Does anyone remember 'snake pipe hollow?' Could 'the man from DOOM'
clear it out by himself? Surely the blue ghost is tougher than any wussy old

   We thought the man from DOOM was invinvible (particularly if you put
him on 'god' mode!).

5. Has zzabur read the necronomicon? (or indeed, is he abdul alhazred?)

6. If Tsathoggua went on a heroquest, what would he do?
   We reckoned he would create a new myth cycle which would allow him to
get a strong cup of coffee and stay awake more often.

7. BIG Gorp vs. Shoggoth.
   What happens? Do they mutually combine?

I must apologise for these silly questions, but please indulge me,
because we laughed a lot while we were discussing it, and would be
interested what you runequesters thought.....



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