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From: Michael Raaterova (michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se)
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 18:38:10 EEST

David Dunham commented to me in private that Ritual of Tongues should be an
Issaries spell. If there are more out there who thinks so, they should
check RoC p162 where it says that Mother Language is a daughter of Lhankor

My guess is that this ritual is available to both Lhankor Mhy and the
Goldentongue subcult of Issaries.

I replied to a comment from Nils:
>> So i didn't mention the sage's role as lawspeaker. I also didn't mention
>> any other roles. The article presented possible doctrines for LMs as
>> practiced in temples.

And Nils commented on my reply:
> That comment wasn't intended as criticism, just a question.

I know it was a question, and i think i gave an answer. The schools of
thought are prevalent in any Lhankor Mhy context, even single-sage shrines,
not only in civilised urban temples. The main difference is that urban
temples usually practice more than one school of thought, as they have
sages from all over with differing views of Truth. Which is not the case in
single-sage shrines, where there is only one school of thought.

I don't mind questions but i do mind too little criticism. Did you all just
accept my schools of thought and write-up as holy writ?

Martin Crim:

> Minor question: how many points is the Clear Mind spell, and how come it
> doesn't protect from divine mental spells like a miniature version of Shield
> Mind?

Clear Mind is fixed at 1 pt. Basically it is just a concentration aid. It
is too weak to stop divine mental spells. I'd give the victims of such
spells some small advantage though, like a bonus on resisting a Mindblast
or Berserk, but Clear Mind wouldn't stop it. If it stopped divine mental
spells there would be no need for Shield Mind.

I like spirit magic to be weak compared to divine magic, which is why in my
Glorantha spirit charms are all fixed (except for shamans). The knowledge
of certain variable spirit charms are jealously guarded cult secrets, or
exotic magic, equally guarded.

> (Actually, I've got a couple points I'd disagree with on the spells, but I
> don't want to see your cult turn into a committee product).

If you have comments and don't want to post them on the Dig, send them to
me. I have no objections to my write-up turning into a committee product.
I'd still GM it in my own way anyway, but what the Digest Tribe makes of it
is out of my control.

If anyone has ideas for Irripi Ontor i most certainly would like to see them.


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