C'thulhu myhtos roll...

From: Andrew Joelson (joelsona@cpdmfg.cig.mot.com)
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 18:49:45 EEST

        I will now attempt to make my C'Thulhu myhtos roll...

> 1. Can great cthulhu whip 'the mother of all monsters' (elder secrets)
> butt in a fisticuffs combat (in pamaltela)

        It would be a draw, as a fair portion of Pamaltela would sink
beneath the waves. The Loser: Pamaltela.

> 2. If the Crimson Bat and great cthulhu bumped into each other while
> checking out the hero plane, and decided to have a tentacle wrestling
> contest, who would win?

        The bat would win, it carries favorable terrain with it wherever
it goes; the Glowspot.

> 3. Carl stanford (of 'hermetic order of silver twilight fame') and ZZabur
> think it would be fun to summon the most gruesome thing that they can
> think of. Who would summon the most hideous thing imaginable?

        Sorry, but I don't know who Carl Stanford is; I presume that both
parties ended up summoning Groo?

> 4. Does anyone remember 'snake pipe hollow?' Could 'the man from DOOM'
> clear it out by himself? Surely the blue ghost is tougher than any wussy old
> cyberdemon.
> We thought the man from DOOM was invinvible (particularly if you put
> him on 'god' mode!).

        You are correct, 'the man from DOOM' is invincible. But, un-
fortunately for Sandy, the 'man from Chaos(ium)' is more invincible.
Alas! gregged again!

> 5. Has zzabur read the necronomicon? (or indeed, is he abdul alhazred?)

        Abdul Al'hazred is a Dream Zzabur.

> 6. If Tsathoggua went on a heroquest, what would he do?
> We reckoned he would create a new myth cycle which would allow him to
> get a strong cup of coffee and stay awake more often.

        If Tsathoggua stayed awake more often, he would probably lead the
Hrolri to victory over Kalikos Icebreaker (or is that C'thuggua?).

> 7. BIG Gorp vs. Shoggoth.
> What happens? Do they mutually combine?

        Surely you know by now what happens when you run into your

- -----------------------------

Lunar pillaging:

> ....and did not encourage irresponsible hero-questers to
> pillage the god plane, risking disasters as great as those brought on by
> the God-Learners.

        The Lunars are a Thelayan culture; they think of the GodPlane as
the home of their gods. They think of heroquests as a way to draw closer
to/become more like their gods.
        The western/sorcerous approach views tends to view the GodPlane as
a place to be pillaged for all sorts of goodies; provided you can get around
the whopping big spirits that live there.
        The mistake of the GLs (as much as I understand it), was to indes-
crimanately raid the GodPlane, without consideration for the consequences
of their actions. They changed things, stole items, etc, and produced ten-
sions in the GodPlane that they didn't understand. Eventually, there was a
backlash, and the GLs were wiped out. All of this resulted in a change in
the nature of the GodPlane, and the GL secret no longer functions....

- -------------------


        Arkat won, and eventually retired to "Arkat's Stars" (three of them!)
The GLs destroyed the HeroQuest path that led to them quite intentionally;
they din't want him to return.

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>> Also, the economy (i assume) is a slave mode of
>>production, therefore operates off the everyday misery and humiliation of
>>those that have been captured through slave raiding and warfare.

> No, I just simply reject this line of reasoning - I think you are
>far too hung up on the slavery aspect, IMHO a relatively minor part of the
>Empires economy.

        I agree. The Dara Happans have been around since before the Dawn,
any slaves they keep aren't producing internal decay.


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