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More comments...

>Michael, that's a superb piece. You wrote that you wanted to
>make the LM cult more alive and exciting and in my opinion
>you have succeeded very well.


> the Mhysticism.
> ^^^
> :-)

It was unavoidable, really.

>Does an initiate gain anything by taking geases? If so, what?

Clear Mind at will (permanent Clear Mind is more of a curse, but some LM
idiots take that gift anyway). Detect Lie as spirit charm or at will (need
only succeed in an Honest roll). True Sight as spirit charm or at will.
Raise Honour passion to 20. Gain True Honour (can never fumble honour
passion roll). Raised INT. Perfect eyesight. Speedreading skill (and can
even read without moving lips). Perfect memory. Stuff like that.

>>LORE TRANCE (2pts, ritual, nonstack, reusable)
>>means that the character has catched the attention of a Gift Carrier...

>Gift Carrier as in the GCs of the sending gods, which destroyed the
>God Learners? If so, this is my only objection. Those GCs come only
>to those who know the GL secret and that knowledge is gone forever
>(from Glorantha that is, in our world Greg and Sandy still know it).
>And I don't think even a mighty spell like this can give you any
>knowledge about the secret.

The God Learner secret is gone. But there are other secrets not meant for
mortal man or even gods to know.

Lore Trance _can_ give you hints about these secrets that can rip the
fragile world apart. That is why the Gift Carriers of Arachne Solara can
still be sent. These GCs aren't the big ones that wasted the GLs, but
smaller ones that will steal the memory of the secret and propably some of
the Sage's mind and sanity. Sometimes a big one shows up and leaves the
sage mindless.

The smaller Gift Carriers can be defeated in spirit combat. But defeating
the GC only means that you'll encounter a bigger one later.


There are quite a few LMs that devote their lives to discover the secrets
of a rune or lesser concepts, like steel, intoxication, fruits, languages,
gorp or whatever fetish the LM might have. They go on life-long quests to
obtain these secrets. Some succeed and gain some powers of the rune. There
was an immersionist Sage in Pavis who knows some of the secrets of Hazia.
He preaches Truth through Illusion, and is quite obviously mad. One sage
who has met him claims that he can create temporary Truth, whatever that

Most of the questers are immersionists and it was a quester who formalized
that school of thought. Of course, the main fetish for most questers is the
Secrets of Truth, which is what Mhysticism is all about. You can't obtain
Truth without being and living Truth.


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