Some insight into the fundamental truths of Glorantha

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 22:42:54 EEST

Naaaa. Only kidding.

Kudos to Archangel Raaterova for his Lankor My (that's how I spell it,
OK?) cult ideas. Mucho nifty, well thought out and cool!

Kudos to Jim Chapin for these riddles. I'm much closer to Illumination
now! ("It all began with those Trickster rascals and their riddles,
you know." Oddi, Illuminated Storm Bull of certain fame)

Kudos to Mr McNamara for his important questions. I loved them. See if
I can find some answers.
> 1. Can great cthulhu whip 'the mother of all monsters' (elder secrets)
> butt in a fisticuffs combat (in pamaltela), if he decided to shuffle on over
> and do some sight-seeing?
Not really. He WOULD win, however. See, he would be trashed by MoM
regularely, but simply reform and continue to trash her. Then he could
get his souvenirs as well.

> 2. If the Crimson Bat and great cthulhu bumped into each other while
> checking out the hero plane, and decided to have a tentacle wrestling
> contest, who would win?
In this I disagree with you - try twisting a guys arm (ie,
tenctacle). Then twist his tongue. See what hurts most.
> 3. Carl stanford (of 'hermetic order of silver twilight fame') and ZZabur
> think it would be fun to summon the most gruesome thing that they can
> think of. Who would summon the most hideous thing imaginable?

I view this as something like a game of Magic The Gathering.
Zzabur has an enormous bag of cards to choose from, but I think
Stanford has a much more ingeniously twisted deck. Have no idea who
would win.
Question for was ridculously self-evident.
> 5. Has zzabur read the necronomicon? (or indeed, is he abdul alhazred?)
More to the point: Has Lovecraft read the Blue Book, and did he get
his inspiration from that when he invented Necronomicon?

 > 6. If Tsathoggua went on a heroquest, what would he do?
> We reckoned he would create a new myth cycle which would allow him to
> get a strong cup of coffee and stay awake more often.
There are already strong HeroQuest paths to drink from the Primal
Coffee! The Aldryami, Iron Mostali, Rathori and several others
have each their own version! Just dig through old digests and you'll
find myself and many others engaging in an interesting debate about
this. (about as serious as this one)

> 7. BIG Gorp vs. Shoggoth.
Gorps are amorphous chaos slime, putrefying reality eating itself.
Shoggoths are normal, healthy protoplasm, just like you and me.
On the other hand, shoggoths can think in some remote way. Gorps
cannot. (Reminds me of my personal major achievement in the
way of Chaotic Features: it was Gorp whose INT had become normal INT.
At INT 1, the difference isn't that big.)

Erik Sieurin, Old Devotee of Primal Coffee, Gold Caste Eleventh
whose group refers to YT as "Iallafall Tarnils" - for you who don't
read Swedish, that is "Inanycase Nilstakes".


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