The Lunar Empire Good or evil?

From: David Ketchin (101331.3077@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 22:33:11 EEST

The Lunar Empire has been getting a lot of attention recently. In my opinion the
Empire is neither good nor evil it is merely the only society which does not
impose pre concieved ideas upon its citizenry. In concept the Empire embraces
all beliefs and philosphies as they all contribute to the ongoing revelation of
which the Red Goddess is the most recent embodiment. Freedom of thought however
is a privelige not a right (in many ways the Empires best and worst attribues
mirror the good old US of A).

Outspoken in its acceptance of personal freedom and philisophical freedom whilst
supressing the aspects which it from its moral supremacy deems not fit for its

Its Persecution of certain religions but acceptance of others. (persecutions of
Church of Immortality, Orlanth, Thanatar, but acceptance of a vampiric neighbour
state) purely due to expansionist expediency.

The underlying philosophy of Lunar society encourages individuals to empower
themselves and their own ideals in an Darwinian fight for survival. Illumination
is accepted and encouraged because it is a proven evolutionary philosphy which
survives where more rigid beliefs cannot adapt. All sucessful Lunar Ideologies
are based around self transformation because these are the only philosohies
which can face and adapt and absorb those imported from client states/cultures.

The Empire is not weakened by expansion it is spiritually strengthened as it
becomes a wider and more tolerant belief system where more citizens can find
satisfying mytho/cultural roles which suit their personalities. Sure it also
embodies some widely dangerous and sefl-destructive forces. These serve to
fulfill the darker aspect of the human psyche and allow the constructive
channeling of certain portions of society.

Given that this is true, Orlanth is not fighting for survival but merely
Independance. When he 'dies' he will become another of the 'Healed' dieties.
Presumably this would mean the rabid anti chaos sentiment transforming into a
'guardian against chaotic excesses' and the 'Orlanth Rex' ruler of the universe
transforming into 'Orlanth lightbringer' whose sacrifice allowed the
transforming light of the moon to bring a new age of peace.' This may also mean
being married into the Lunar Pantheon as Loyal
spouse to the goddess.

Orlanth and the Red Goddess have a lot in common. Both are transforming
elemental dieties. Orlanth Killed Yelm and brought him back (completing the most
important transformational cycle in Myth). The Red Goddess transforms Belief


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