In the vein of McNamara

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 23:42:10 EEST

Since someone has already started it, and I will not be the one to
blame primarily, lets toss outs some strange analogies:

*Dormal's ship - it MUST have been called "The Enterprise".

*In following the theory that the Pharaoh is really John Carter of
Mars (proposed by the infamous Nick Brooke):
Isn't there anyone else who think Arkat REALLY is Michael Jackson?
All these identity changes, as well as the overwelming wish to save
the world.

*And talking about Cthuloid stuff, if you want to alienate your
players to non-humans, just make them equate Aldrya with Shub-
Niggurath. "I=E4 Aldrya! The Oak of the Woods with a Thousand Sprouts!"

*There was once ago much talk about Glorantha the Movie. What
everyone obviously missed was that it has to be a Western. I'll
will write in the ballad of Pa Vadrus and the Vadrudi Gang some day,
when I have much time to spare.....

*Back to alienation, why didn't anyone see the obvious parallell
between Onslaught and Lobo? There might be another reason for the
discrepancy between his high language skills and lower level of
shown aptitude: He is simply a master of all the words for killing,
mutilating, eviscerating etc in all languages he knows. He can give a

completely accurate description of any act of bloodthirsty violence

*And to continue that: Danfive Xaron surely must be pictured with
spikes driven into his head. He is said to be in chains: bet those
chains are attached to hooks driven into his flesh. And I'll sure his
initiates are fond of saying "Your pain will be legendary, even in

*For a broken Mostali trying to become human: Just plug into Mork and

*Speaking of Mostali, the idea that Vegetarian Mostali are in some way
chaotic and a certain series of shared-world anthologies and novels:
What if they, in their war against the other Elder Races, manipulates
the runes of a disease spirit so that it will make infected subjects
chaotic in the following way:
*90% dies horrible deaths, transformed into blasphemous creatures that
cannot survive the Lawful existence of Glorantha (known as drawing a
Black Queen)
*9% survive, but with 1D20 rolls on the Curse of Thed table (known as
drawing a Joker)
*1% survive and are transformed into super-beings, with 1D20
beneficient chaos features which usually doesn't change their
appearance in the nasty way such features do (known as drawing an Ace)
Of course they first field-test it on the human population of
Pamaltela. However, one Tin Dwarf gets second thoughts and succeeds
in stopping the disease: The only great strike is against some big
Fonritian state or another, where a large part of the population is
affected by the Wild Card Spirit.

Off-loading his brain, Erik Sieurin


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