Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #580

From: Steven E. Barnes (
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 23:24:49 EEST (David Dunham) writes:

>Because Arkat wasn't a selfish hero. He didn't get his hero powers so he
>personally could become more powerful, but for a reason that was supposed
>to help everyone.

To put a different spin on my earlier remarks: Arkat is remembered
for the deeds he performed. The actual power and knowledge he obtained
on his quests was not shared with "his people".

So to go back to the +100% sword example, in the case of Arkat, he
kept the 100% for himself. Yet people still remember him. The point
I was trying to make was that Stafford's comment about selfish heroes
was not entirely correct.

Now in all honesty, part of the reason I am arguing this point is
that I might enjoy playing a mondo hero someday. I find all the
revisionist reinterpretations of Glorantha kind of annoying. I
get the impression that when Stafford et al designed White Bear,
Red Moon, they thought mondo heroes were cool. Now they have
decided power gaming is bad, and deny their past. We are told
things like "Well, the Jar-eel counter isn't really just Jar-eel.
It is able to wipe out armies because of all the support personel",
and that heroes who aquire personal power are inferior because
they are "selfish."

- -steve


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