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Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 00:15:36 EEST


I've just returned from an extremely successful mini-con in Seattle, WA
(that's in the little country below Canada known as the United States.) I
must admit it was a roaring success. Last year, I was the only non-local to
attend, but this year I was joined by fellow Victorian Rich Fenner, British
immigrant and oral combat expert Martin Laurie, and Portlander Brad Furst.
Even Oliver Jovanovic, a New Yorker, made a most impressive appearance to
discuss the future of RuneQuest.

It was the second sacred pilgrimage, and built on the successes of the
first. Orlanthi and Lunar lawspeakers debated under a banner of truce. A
great feast was held, where friends renewed acquaintances and new
friendships were founded over a mug of David Dunham's wonderful brew.

We managed to hold four games, two of them being LARPs. In keeping with
Seattle tradition, the strong farmer influence was retained. Here's a brief

1. FarmerQuest.
An Orlanthi LARP written and run by Jeff Richard, it saw a small pre-Sartar
clan go through the elections of a new Godi and Ernalda Priestess, attempt
to deal (unsuccessfully) with a few outstanding feuds, and even unite to
attack the neighbouring clan. There was great tragedy too, as Kogull the
fierce managed to singlehandly devastate the Vargast family, killing son,
father, and another son or two before falling before a vengeful grandson.
It was an excellent example of why the Orlanthi never seem to get along
unless faced with a common foe, and not always then either.

2. The Tarsh War.
Chris Gidlow's 12 player LARP was run by Pam Carlson (ablely assisted by
yours truly), and saw the incredible efficiency of the Lunar military in
action. Tarshite, Dara Happan, Priestess, Prince and Merchant all acted as
single mind to bring peace and Lunar illumination to southern Tarsh. All
hail the Red Goddess!

3. Rune Metal Jacket.
I forced a small group to undergo another Australian experience, MOB's Rune
Metal Jacket. Martin Laurie managed to effortlessly mimic a Red Vadeli.

4. Daxdarius
David Dunham is the local Gloranthan explorer. He led us back into the
Great Darkness where we played Pelorians living before Alkoth had a wall.
I'd say more, but it is game to be experienced firsthand. With luck, it
will be featured at Glorantha-Con V in Victoria (July 25-27 1997 - start
making plans).

If you are considering having a local mini-con in your area I would highly
recommend it. We all left with plans for new LARPs and new relavations into
Glorantha. Oh, I even have a better understanding of Onslaught's bite
attack (which is obviously too low).

I'll like to thank the Seattlites for hosting us, especially Pam Carlson,
who gave her house for two days while we transformed it into an Orlanthi
Stead, a Clay Hut, and a battlefield or two. Even Tomoe, Kato, and Rosie
(her dogs) managed to get into the act.

Praise Yelm, All Hail the Red Goddess, and may Orlanth's breath watch over
your stead.

Neil Robinson I realize I hold the key to freedom
nrobinso@Direct.CA I cannot let my life be ruled by threads
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