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Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 01:04:15 EEST

Joe Troxell wrote

> Under the list of Humakti gifts and gaeses in the Cults Book, there is the
> gift "raise a raisable characteristic 1 point" with the accompanying geas
> "pay double tithing. if taken again, pay triple, etc." However, initiates
> are only supposed to have 1 gift and geas. But, only a Sword could take the
> gift multiple times, but a Sword is already giving 90% of income

A couple of crossed messages pointed out good ways to handle this. Also, in
my game it would be possible for initiates to receive a gift before
becoming a Sword. You just couldn't do this when you feel like (like Swords
can), but would be granted this privilege by your temple.

Andrew Joelson claimed

> The Lunars are a Thelayan culture

What gives you this idea? They're a Pelorian culture. This is abundantly
evident from Greg's unpublished or semipublished* works, but even in
published material, they're an empire incorporating the old Dara Happan
empire in its entirety, and that's surely enough to outweigh any Theyalan
provinces like Aggar.

Remember that Greg has said at one of the RQ-Cons that in Dara Happan
mythology, there's no Compromise. This alone should give a different slant
to Lunar heroquesting.

* Entekosiad is written by a Lunar heroquester, who travels back to
Paleolithic Peloria to gain more understanding, and participate in rituals
to gain solace.

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