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Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 03:00:36 EEST

Mike Cule quibbles about the status of the Lhankor Mhy Lawspeakers:

>In all the write-ups I've seen of Sartarite society the lawspeaker
>is the expert on the law and on precedent who advises the chief, who actually
>has the authority to make the judgement. Perhaps lawspeakers can deal with
>minor cases and adjudicate some disputes. But I think the final authority
>lies with the nobles.

My view exactly. It didn't get through very well in the write-up
unfortunately, which i discovered when i reread it.

Of course, the chieftain, who is usually not an expert on traditional
tribal law, often asks the lawspeaker and his cronies what judgement he
shall pass, and passes the judgement the lawspeaker tells him to. But only
the chieftain at the moot has the authority to pass judgement. Often, the
chieftain is also swayed by political maneuvering among his thanes.


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