Flirting with Chaos

From: Martin King (
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 11:06:04 EEST

Dave Cake wrote

> Certainly.
> Maybe I'm just too civilised myself, but I can't see how
> anybody
>might prefer life on the plains of Prax to civilised life in the Lunar
>interior. Obviously, the narrow minded Praxians with their rabid
>xenophobia will reject it initially, but I bet even they would start
>to appreciate the relatively easy life there given a chance.
> And sure, there might be inherent philosophical dangers in the
>Lunar way. And I am sure I would rather discuss them sitting in a
>Lunar villa, well fed and sipping Pelorian wine and in the company of
>educated men, than ranting about them on an empty stomach in the
>dessert sun surrounded by illiterate killers. But maybe its just me

Come on Dave you know that the Praxians think that Chaos is the worst
thing on the Lozenge. Makes them old, turned their lush garden into a
hell hole desert, everything bad....Consorting with Chaos by
following a lunar way would be unthinkable.

I think exchanging their albeit harsh but rewarding lifestyle for
momentary pleasure and corrupt the world by trafficking with the
devil would result in the same answer from most Praxians. A big swipe
from their pointy sticks.

Do you and the Lunars also believe that Chaos energy is a safe and
renewable form of energy :)

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