The Truyth About the Clozyngg

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 23:51:40 EEST

Foolz! The Fyrst Wyzard commandz you to ceaze this futile zpeculation
on the nature of the clozyngg! He zhall tell you the zecret. He zhall
reveal it to your manifeztly incapable zelvez through I, hiz herald.
The zpell of the clozyngg was thuz.

Firzt, to uze a zircle of projected forze to zweep all floating
things from the zurface of the seaz. The seaz being defined for the
purpoze of thiz zpell primarily az any body of water upon which it
waz pozzible to zail without being in zight of land. Thuz it only
affected the seaz, and zeveral areaz that the Mighty One Himzelf
zpecified in hiz righteouz fury at the mud people who kept trying to
zail to Brithoz.

Zecond, to cover the seaz with mystz which obzcure vyzion and all
other zensez and make it very difficult for craft zailyng together
to maintain contact.

Third, to zummon into exiztenze a race of invizible flying automata
which eternally hover above the oceanz, and which are fatally
allergic to the land, zo much zo that they flee from any zight of it.
When they zense zomething upon the seaz which matchez their
definition of a zailing craft, then they infezt it, cauzing it to
weaken, cauzing wood-wyrmz and molluzks to become ravenouz and to
multiply rapidly, and finally cauzing it to vibrate with zoundz and
patternz of light, and to emit odourz of vazt ztench, all of which
enrage all the zea life within leaguez of the craft, and turn them
againzt it.

That iz the truth, az I have it from the Firzt Magician Himzelf.

I am Ztump, ZzzZZzZZZabur's Herald.

p.z. I have heard that Dormal haz found a way to fool the automata
into zenzing the land upon hiz craft, and thuz forzing them to leave
them alone, but I have not had the chanze to analyze one of his
craft to dizcover if that iz, indeed, how it workz.
Loren Miller <>
Computer Guy <>


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