The Lunar Empire is not in RW Italy

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Tue 21 May 1996 - 22:30:00 EEST

Dominic seems bound and determined to make the Lunar Empire into the RW
Roman empire. IMO, about the only similarities lie in the organization of
the armies. Religion, attitude, and goals are all different than the

Think India. Think Persia. The empire is not held together by a dreary
state religion, but by a plethora of ancient and multifaceted fertility
deities, many of whom the Red Goddess has been! And for the Lunar
expansion mechanism, the Islamic Empire in a quite good analogy - wide
religious tolerance and conversion through preferential tax systems and a
complex ideology.


There is no labor shortage in the Heartlands. Millions of Lodrilli and
Orians provide all the labor anyone could want. They are similar to
slaves/serfs, due to an ancient caste system tied into the religious
hierarchy of Lodril/Yelm. But they are also valuable members of society,
because they participate in the huge magic rituals which keep the land
fertile, the monsters out, etc. In essence, they are serfs who buy into the
system. There may be food shortages; there certainly were historically.
 The _last_ thing they need in the Heartlands are more people.

Newly conquered territories lack such peasants, so the Lunars likely _do_
use slaves on small latifundia in Tarsh and the Redlands. But these may be
economically less productive, as Lodrilli likely need little or no guarding
and provide more magic fertility to the land than do a bunch of oppressed
Theyalans. My guess is that newly secured areas are soon filled with
Lodrilli moving out to "the wide open spaces", in search of more

Most of the slaves which the Lunars, (and just about everyone else) take are
young women and children. They are not intended to work in fields.


My POV is that the Lunars are expanding for religious reasons, not economic
ones. (The DH empire, the direct predecesor, existed for 2000 years w/o
expanding appreciably). The Lunar philosophy includes an imperative to
spread the Lunar Way, and the army is merely a tool of diplomacy against the

recalcitraint. They expand to the south because of religious reasons: the
south is the last unconquered source of enemies. Many waves of Orlanthi
barbarians, including the EWF, all attacked the empire from the south.

Loren's ideas on Carmanian mercantile amibitions may also play a big part.

David Cake: > The Lunars... want to be changed as their goddess was
>The Lunar willingness to accept what they should hate... the Lunars believe
>that as everyone should strive to change themselves, it is only natural
>they should change their place in the world.


Red David again> The Lunars believe, for example, that there is power
that only
>comes from suffering, or sacrifice, or acceptance of your enemy. They
>believe in death and rebirth. The Orlanthi hate them in part because their
>acceptance of such things makes them more likely to inflict them on others
>as well as themselves.

Excellent point, David. Thanks for pointing this out! This makes sense to
the Gerra and JagaNatha aspects, and goes a long way toward fitting in the
D. Xaron cult and Lunar policy in occupied lands with their apparent goal of
world peace.



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