Illumination (again. sigh.)

From: Martin Crim (
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 04:19:49 EEST

In V2 #582, Brett "Yes, it's my real name" Evill quoted somebody, possibly
D.M. McNamara:
> which is why illumination must
>be taken away from chaos, which ultimately has quite unfortunate aims ie.
>destroying glorantha.

A real problem with the discussion of "is illumination a good thing" is that
the only way to find out is to get illuminated and then everything is topsy
turvy. So what if the aim is destroying Glorantha (or, rather, hastening its
destruction)? If you're illuminated, you may not see that as a bad thing.
Or turning everyone and everything into gray ooze, for that matter.
Illumination trumps all your prior priorities, including whether you think
continuing to live is good and whether you think the universe ought to go on
        It's insidious that way, isn't it?
        OTOH, someone obviously is dangerously closed to Forbidden Knowledge
when they suggested that Illumination is nothing. When you have grasped it,
it certainly is.
        If you are reading this, you are enlightened. <maniacal grin>
        --Martin Crim


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