Onslaught in conversation

From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 06:07:53 EEST

>*Back to alienation, why didn't anyone see the obvious parallell
>between Onslaught and Lobo? There might be another reason for the
>discrepancy between his high language skills and lower level of
>shown aptitude: He is simply a master of all the words for killing,
>mutilating, eviscerating etc in all languages he knows.

        My Japanese is like this - its learnt mostly from karate, so I can
say 'knee kick to the groin', but not 'what is your name?'. So I can easily
imagine Onslaught learning all his language skills from various martial
artists that he has met, or only in order to take up military posts, and
thus being somewhat restricted in topics of conversation. And I guess other
people might interpret that as being fairly stupid. Maybe the real story on
Onslaugts language skills is not 'mastery, but pretends to have a lower
percentage', but 'he thinks its mastery, because he knows all the words he
ever wants to use, but its actually more like 30%, just specialised'. I can
easily imagine Onslaught never noticing that he doesn't know the word for
'fun', or the different words for wine and beer, but feeling annoyed
because he can't remember the word for 'spleen'.




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