From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 06:26:56 EEST

>The main reason why the Arrolians are not part of the Empire is that
>when they were under the Empire, they were under the thumb of the
>Carmanians and treated like shit. Riverjoin is founded by Lunars
>'fleeing oppression elsewhere' at a time when Eastpoint was ruled
>by the Lunar Empire and 'liberated' itself a few years later.

       I fully agree. The Arrolians are friendly to the Lunars in that they
share a religion and much of their culture. But they really dislike the
Carmanian hierarchy, and the current Lunar Emperor, so they are not allies.
But I think the Arrolians and Carmanians enjoy free travel, trade, etc. I'm
sure there are Carmanians who want the Empire to go out and conquer them,
but I think the Emperor and heartland politics holds them back - I think
many of the Heartland powers that be prefer the Arrolians to the
Carmanians. So the political situation can be edgy, but by and large the
inhabitants get on even if there rulers don't.



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