From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 06:35:14 EEST

>What I find really suspicious is that the God Learner is supposed to work
>any more.

        I think that there might be some God Learner secrets that don't
work anymore, but I believe that most of their techniques do work still.
        I recall that there was an actual God Learner ritual, that was the
initial way that they gained knowledge. I think this still works, does
anyone else? The RuneQuest Sight etc. came later IMHO.
        The God Learning Ritual was a ritual whereby you could summon a god
or spirit and engage them in a riddling contest. The God Learning insight
was that most gods have very limited insight into areas outside their own
purview, so you could ask questions that the god would not be able to
answer (ie what is my cousin doing now, when your cousin is in the holy
place of a hostile god), and with adequate research be able to answer the
gods riddles (especially ask they often ask the same ones as on previous
occasions, lacking free will). Then if you have questions left over, you
can extract information about the gods secrets.

I think that figuring out why it doesn't work any more is the key
>to discovering what it was in the first place... as long as the reason that
>it doesn't work any more is as the result of a Gloranthan historical event
>and not simply due to damage wrought to the Hero Plane by the God Learners

        I think some of the God Leaners most serious acts, such as the
creation of Zistor the Machine God, required people with unusual mental
abilities that required great insights into the god learner philosophy, and
much exposure to God Learner heroquesting. I think all these people are
dead, and I think any that reappear will be killed by the Gift Carriers as
soon as they raise theiir heads.




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