Lunar life

From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 10:38:51 EEST

>Come on Dave you know that the Praxians think that Chaos is the worst
>thing on the Lozenge. Makes them old, turned their lush garden into a
>hell hole desert, everything bad....
>I think exchanging their albeit harsh but rewarding lifestyle for
>momentary pleasure and corrupt the world by trafficking with the
>devil would result in the same answer from most Praxians. A big swipe
>from their pointy sticks.
        But I think if you enslaved a Praxian, and made him toil
in the
Pelorian heartlands for a few years, even they would eventually start to
appreciate the civilised virtues of being adequately fed and not having to
fight everything you meet. Eventually. He would still loathe chaos, of
course, but your average Pelorian citizen avoids your average chaos
creature even more than the Praxians do (the Praxian might want to seek it
out and kill it).

Pam said
>Most of the slaves which the Lunars, (and just about everyone else) take are
>young women and children. They are not intended to work in fields.

        Exactly. Slaves are a luxury item, probably even an important
luxury item as far as trade routes go, but slaves are not a major
proportion of the population (probably almost unknown rurally), and
certainly not the mainstay of the economy. Most Lunar slaves have far more
important duties than toiling in the fields....



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