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From: D M McNamara (
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 13:52:19 EEST

  I have more questions here...i hope you will answer them (i do not
expect authoritarian results, just entertaining ones)....

1. Who was skanth and skath in dorastor? We reckoned it must be some
bizarre illuminated first age entity...maybe a demigod, or the last of
its kind.
  Our troll enthusiastically mated with it, then tried to bite a lump out
of it. Diplomatic relations were swiftly severed (as was the trolls arm).

2. Is there a specific myth/myths relating to the beserkergang heroquest
in 'tales of reaching moon?' We had a lot of fun here......trying to
outdrink urox, someone tried to grapple the horns of the bull of terror,

conan-style, while bellowing out Uroxi war cries...he died horribly, but
it was funny. what was humakt doing skulking about his brothers home?

3. Can you think of any more duck martial arts? 'Quackjohn' in apple lane
had the deadly art of 'quack-fu.' oh, the hours we spent talking with him
about his 'mighty skills' and sniggering behind our shields. We thought
of another...'tae kwon duck.'
  Ducks are deadly fiends....during my undergrad years i was at york uni,
which is infested by billions of quacking ducks. Stepping off the path
was fatal - one was mobbed by huge hordes of quacking, starving
waterfowl. I considered what it would be like if they were 5 feet tall
and armed with broadswords - i shall never underestimate the skills of a
duck again (i hope delecti turns them all into zombie-fodder!!!!). naah,
i like em really.

4. In dorastor you could meet cacodemon himself. just for the sake of
argument, what if you (almost impossible, i know) somehow killed him with

repeated lucky blows? Would he be dead FOR EVER?? We didn't think
so...maybe it was just some kind of avatar.

5. How many climb rolls would it take to get to the top of the block
(assuming you hadn't been ripped to shreds by uroxi and griffons by
then). It might make quite an exciting adventure...a bit like Fritz

leiber's story where fafhrd and the grey mouser climb stardock.



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