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From: garry.nixon (oa5gni@zen.sunderland.ac.uk)
Date: Wed 22 May 1996 - 22:53:57 EEST

From: D M McNamara <D.M.McNamara@durham.ac.uk>

> I do not really wish to see the glorantha page degenerate into a forum
> for quibbling on RW history

Well then don't argue about it here.

> However, in my case i believed that it
> may be better to approach the lunar empire as if they were more like
> romans, just to make it slightly more convincing to myself (because
> whether you like it or not, at some point many of the glorantha cultures
> were inspired by RW analogues).

This is perhaps true, but there is of course the extreme danger in
looking at Glorantha from a real world analogy. It can take the magical
edge that every gloranthan culture has.

> in 'king of sartar' we understand the fall in purely mythic
> terms...battles of heroes and armies, strange beings, invasions,
> natural disaster, disease, etc. This is sometimes not enough

It certanly is for those residents that are living there. I would also
guess that it is sufficient for those who will be living afterward.
Assuming that Gloranthan Development does not suddenly start mirroring
our own. The majourity of people living in glorantha would much prefer
to hear that they won through strength of faith, rather than an economic
collapse of thier opponents. The 'strength of faith' is probably the
more correct. Even an economic collapse can be seen to have extreme
mythic symbology to your typical Gloranthan

> You obviously also do not agree with the economic necessity of
> invading Britain.
> revolutionised throughout britain, GIGANTIC AND CRIPPLING cost of
> invasion

I have a feeling that full invasion of Britian was undertaken by
Claudius, as a way of showing he succeeded where the Ceaser had stopped.
ie. for prestige as opposed to power.

If you are critical of any of my views on RW history, you can reply to me
privately, I'd like to see the journal kept Gloranthan

Lots of Love, Stay Hucky[Hucky=Happy+Lucky], Garry


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