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Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 04:05:01 EEST

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>3. Can you think of any more duck martial arts? 'Quackjohn' in apple lane
>had the deadly art of 'quack-fu.' oh, the hours we spent talking with him
>about his 'mighty skills' and sniggering behind our shields. We thought
>of another...'tae kwon duck.'
> Ducks are deadly fiends....during my undergrad years i was at york uni,
>which is infested by billions of quacking ducks. Stepping off the path
>was fatal - one was mobbed by huge hordes of quacking, starving
>waterfowl. I considered what it would be like if they were 5 feet tall
>and armed with broadswords - i shall never underestimate the skills of a
>duck again (i hope delecti turns them all into zombie-fodder!!!!). naah,
>i like em really.

Duck zombies are not really that useful, though one would think that they
would be useful in the marsh. But no, they tend to lose all their feathers
and sink. One of my aides suggested oiling them but that breaks the
enchantment for some reason and they all croak out this arcane word "Exxon!".

Delecti, Lord of the Upland Marsh


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