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Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 04:04:59 EEST

In a message dated 96-05-22 07:42:35 EDT, David Henderson wrote:

>Illumination, IMO, is an entirely individual thing, but allowing it to be
>facilitated by others means that there must be some commonality, or the
>others' riddles (frex) would be meaningless. If this commonality betwen
>minds does exist, then being inside an Illuminate's, which is how the above
>rituals seem to work, should be a fairly dramatic/traumatic experience,
>and give a fairly good chance of Illumination.

I agree, as a matter of fact illumination is treated as a skill as far as
saying how advanced someone is in it in the LoT book. So therefore you could
possibly gain further 'insights' from absorbing someone else's mind.

>Of course, this then causes problems about other beliefs. If
>Illumination can influence another when they are inside the Illuminate's
>mind, then other strong ideas/beliefs could have a similar (though
>lesser) effect. For example: Brug the Atyar worshipper eats a Chalanna
>Arroy Healer's head. A contest of wills ensues, wherein the Healer
>manages to win Brug over to his worldview, at least temporarily, and Brug
>then feels a trifle upset at what he has done ...

This was a way I was using the Aytar Consume Mind for my NPC development
(before reading Strange Broo by Jim Chapin, most excellent reading BTW). One
Aytar priestess I had made was on the edge of illumination and was unstable
in her way of thinking as due to the upcoming illumination was weakening her
worldview and allowing the other personalities she had absorbed to resurface
at points, thus the PC's were recieving strange messages from an old sorcerer
associate giving them clues to find an Aytar temple which had been in the
city for along time and had alot of control of the city. Had she survived,
she would have regained control after illumination (though with some quirks).

>This would then explain much of the insanity among the various
>brain-eaters, if such exists, as they are swayed between the different
>worldviews they have experienced. I seem to recall a similar idea in the
>Wild Healer story, although I can't remember which digest it was in, or
>who posted it.

>Anyway, to cut a long story shorter than it might be if I keep going on,
>do you think a world view has enough power to sway someone experiencing
>it in this way, in Glorantha, and if so, would illumination (being so
>profound), have an even better chance?

I now would give a chance of gaining some type of insanity (the most common
being multiple personalities<g>) to users of those spells as well as a
smaller chance at illumination (1% per use roughly).



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