From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 04:07:34 EEST

        Jeans info about the Vadeli came from Sandy - I found it in Rob
MacArthurs archive at

        So, what do we think of it?
        The restriction on elemental weapons - a bit strange. I'm not sure
I agree with Joerg thats its wildly implausible - wasn't the five elements
view of the world a Western concept originally?
        And the Brown Vadeli are not allowed to captain ships? It certainly
seems that there are Brown Vadeli only ships. If we accept this, then we

either have to ignore Sandy's assertion that they can't be captains, or
assume the ships don't have a captain. I rather like the idea that the
brown vadeli are not allowed to captain ships, and so their ships are run
by committees.
        I also like MOBs theory, that while most of us speak of giving part
of our life to our children, only the Vadeli have worked out how to get it



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