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>If an Illuminate's mind is somehow eaten, as in the Bagog ritual of
>Devouring or the Thanatar Consume Mind (right name?), does this give a
>chance of Illumination for the consumer?
        I would say that it gives a _certainty_ of illumination, at
least in part. That is, part of the devourer's mind might be
illuminated, but not all. The effects of this are sure to be
interesting. I'd say he might go insane, except that "sanity"
doesn't have a heck of a lot of meaning for a Thanatari or scorpion
man anyway.

1. Who was skanth and skath in dorastor? We reckoned it must be some
bizarre illuminated first age entity...maybe a demigod, or the last of
its kind.
        There is no record of Skanth & Skath in First Age Dorastor
that I know of. Whether Skanth and Skath trace their creation to the
awakening of Dorastor, or to the First Age (presumably hibernating
during Dorastor's dormant period), it is likely that if they were
ever non-chaotic, their current form has little to do with their
original form and nature.

>2. Is there a specific myth/myths relating to the beserkergang
>in 'tales of reaching moon?' We had a lot of fun here......trying to
>outdrink urox, someone tried to grapple the horns of the bull of
>conan-style, while bellowing out Uroxi war cries...he died
horribly, but
>it was funny. what was humakt doing skulking about his brothers home?
        Humakt is the ruler of Kargan Tor's court, because he is
the Origin of the Death Rune. All deities in Glorantha which express
Death have a gateway either directly or indirectly to Kargan Tor's
court. Some are tiny ratholes, while others, such as Storm Bull,
have huge feast halls, but they are all there. Look hard enough and
you'll find even sects such as Vivamort tucked away in the more
dismal corners.

3. Can you think of any more duck martial arts?
        Quack-Fu and Tae Kwon Duck seem quite enough for me,
thanks. Note that the ducks (okay ... "keets") of the East Isles are
readily able to visit Kralorela and bone up on their martial
abilities. So watch out, unwary ones.

>4. In dorastor you could meet cacodemon himself. just for the sake of
>argument, what if you (almost impossible, i know) somehow killed
him with
>repeated lucky blows? Would he be dead FOR EVER?? We didn't think
>so...maybe it was just some kind of avatar.
        There is more than one Cacodemon in the world. Not many,
but more than one. In addition, at least one of the known Cacodemons
(the one in Prax) is able to reform his body after death by
possessing the body of gorps or similar chaotic masses in the
Devil's Marsh. If you could destroy its soul, it would be gone

>5. How many climb rolls would it take to get to the top of the block
>(assuming you hadn't been ripped to shreds by uroxi and griffons by
        Up To The Gamemaster. It's as hard as climbing Devil's
Tower. Remember you can't hammer pitons into the cliffs here, but
have to find places where there are already cracks.


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