From: Aden Steinke (
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 04:32:44 EEST


D M McNamara <> makes several comments on the
invasion of Britain - all I can say is that compared to the war with Dacia for
which 10 legions were assembled, or the permanent garrison in the Basque
country of 3 legions the invasion of Britain was not some huge crippling
effort for the Roman economy.

The inability of Roman agricultural technology to productively use the land
beyond the northern limit of possible olive tree planting made long term
advvances in Scotland, or to the Elbe etc unsustainable. This (except for
Prax with its unfortunate inability to grow things) is not a problem for the
magnificent Lunar Empire, capable of bringing bounty from the soil by the
power of her magics and skill of her farmers.



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