Praxian farmers, Crimson Bat spit

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Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 00:15:00 EEST

David Cake:
> But I think if you enslaved a Praxian, and made him toil in the
Pelorian heartlands for a few years, even they would eventually start to
appreciate the civilised virtues of being adequately fed and not having to
fight everything you meet.

Well, yes and no. Some Praxians did go to Peloria and liked it enough to
stay -- the sable folk of the Hungry Plateau. But they were free, and kept
their own culture. I think cult/pantheon inititiation is a very profound
experience, and forms one's mindset for much of life - barring illumination.
 Waha and Kargzant may soon cease to answer farmers.

We play that nomads (Praxians, Grazers, Cha'Un) place great value on
freedom, and view "digging" in the dirt as degrading (they have contempt for
oasis folk and vendref, frex). I therefore doubt that many nomads would
ever come to appreciate even a good life as a slave - it's "not in their
idiom", to quote Cleese's Lancelot. An Aggari farmer might, or an Esrolian
peasant, because they are more used to agrarian, hierarchical societies.
 Likewise, I'm not sure how many Lodrilli would ever get used to galloping
around a barren plain persuing monsters for a living - with _no_ beer!

But, as an honored holder of the Order of the Death Rune and Sickle, David
can be forgiven his zeal for the empire!


D McNamara makes some sort of reply about something, using lots of big
philosophy words:

"episteme (see Foucault's 'order of things')..... relativism.... modern
bourgeois capitalist manner of thought... (Levi-Strauss isn't very
fashionable these days)...Essentialism....."

As much as I hate to criticize people or complain of high intellectual
standards, I have to make a plea:

I am not a philosophy major. In fact, I got through my entire education
without a single philosophy course. (Well, there was a rude encounter with
Kafka, Sartre and Camus the spring term of my senior year of high school,
but I've effectively managed to block that out.) Sad as that may be, I can
not follow 3/4 of DM's jargonistic comments. Maybe if I sat down with the
"Junior Philosopher's Encyclopedia" I could pick up a point or two, but
that's not likely to happen.

Therefore, a challange to all: try and frame your points concisely and with
Gloranthan examples. (Glorantha is about all that we have in common,
anyway.) And I'll promise not to provide an analysis of the statistical
rigor used to measure toxicity thresholds of Crimson Bat spit.

Thanks -


(BTW - I'd have to put CB spit in the "don't even *think* of landfilling it"


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