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From: Steve Lieb (
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 07:37:16 EEST

>Duck zombies are not really that useful, though one would think that they
>would be useful in the marsh. But no, they tend to lose all their feathers
>and sink. One of my aides suggested oiling them but that breaks the
>enchantment for some reason and they all croak out this arcane word "Exxon!".

Ah, but here i must disagree. A few years ago, playing RQII/III (a
bastardized comglomeration of II/III and house rules, kind of like everyone
plays, i guess) I was DM'ing Duck Tower, I believe.
The min/maxer of th group was playing a killer Baboon, who had given himself
the appellation "the Terrible". The group, including two elves, him, and
two humans, opened a door to see a duck zombie. The humans were going to
fight it, when he decided to be a glory hound and shoved them aside to fight
it "It's only a duck, and a dead one at that!" he said bravely.
He got initiative, and went first, so spent his first round action shoving
them out of the way, drawing his weapon, etc (he planned to basically 'take'
the first round blow from the duck - hey, we all know zombies have crappy
att%, right?)
Well, you already can guess what happened.
Duck - attacks on SR10 - roll 01. head. I think he did like 24
points of damage. The baboon had about 6 or 8pts of armor.

Oops. There wasn't much for the others left to find.
Steve Lieb
"Brevity is"


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