Waertagi Dragon Ships

From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 12:18:08 EEST

Hi All
        Waertagi Dragon Ships, Yes, Yes, Yes, IMHO!

All we need to do now is start adding touches from water world.
Ideas such as harpoon pistol using elastic fishgut to propel the dart.
Favoured tactics:-

Not dropping sail in combat (as is traditional) but slicing through the
opposing fleet shearing their oars! This is a risky manouver as a grapple
in the sail will stop and disorganize the Dragon Ship. I would suspect
that the flexible mounting at the bottom of the mast could be quickly
separated and the mast & sail jetisoned. This tactic would be used to
break up the battle lines of a numerically superior fleet. Once ships
are half crippled they are easy for the Waertagi to pick of individually.

Sailing two Ships fast towards the opposition with a rope stretched between
them. Normally this will be a series of very line gut lines held on poles.
When one of these hits an enemy crewmember they will be severely injured or
even decapitated. The poles are used to avoid losing lines on prows,
spears, rails etc. and to select the *right* targets (captains, helmsmen...).

Now I know the tactics above are a bit Hollywoodish but I love the idea
of the Waertagi screaming towards their targets, dangling off the rigging
and using wierd gadgets.



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