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Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 15:21:13 EEST

  I am sorry for phrasing my emails in such a way, i did not mean to
patronise any of you, i only wanted to open up discussion on broader
philosophical issues in glorantha.

  I can appreciate your dislike for my esoteric language, but
unfortunately some of the issues are inherently 'complex' (relatively
speaking) - if only because people aren't taught philosophy in schools.
Some of them cannot be phrased in simple ways without making the concept
itself sound simple, or writing reams of irrelevant philosophical banter.
Unfortunately the internet itself discourages this, because it does
operate in 'soundbites' or 'factoids,' and therefore one must quickly get
to the point via the shortest route possible.
  Maybe if any of us meet each other one day we can talk about them
(often at university my friends and i stayed up till next morning
debating these things, but it was the only way to do it).
  I have some more questions....

1. Could a peckish dark troll gobble down a microgorp and live? their
stomachs can take weird acidic beverages, after

2. Who do ducks primarily worship? Do ducks use any form of feather
tatooing or beak engraving?

3. What do ducks eat? In york all they ever seemed to eat was bread we
flung at them to stop them devouring us. They used to tap on the windows
with their beaks until we fed them with crackers. Is there a gloranthan
god of crackers lurking on the god plane?

4. Excuse my ignorance, but who is the odd lunar with the brass pot on
his head? Whats his story?

5. Is there a market for blue llama spit in pavis? It seems to be the
only surplus the blue llama riders possess (apart from blue llamas). Why

are the llamas blue?

6. One question. Morokanths - why?

  Thanks for answering my previous annoying questions.


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