From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 17:30:34 EEST

Erik Sieurin:
> Since people work hard to get rid of the luggage from Tolkien and
> Gygax that the Aldryami and Mostali have been carrying, isn't it time
> that the poor Durulz could drop their luggage from Disney and Warner
> Bros? I loved the Durulz pictures in Wyrms Footprints, BTW.

        Greg Stafford was asked at one of the lore auctions why trollkin
and ducks existed. His answer, "Well, dwarves and elves are tougher than
humans; trolls and dragonnewts are tougher too. Trollkin were put in
so that you could fight non-humans that were weaker than you. Ducks were
put in for comic relief."


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