Aspects of Humakt

From: Brett Evill (
Date: Thu 23 May 1996 - 17:39:15 EEST


I am familiar with the several 'aspects' of Orlanth (eg. Orlanth
Adventurous and Orlanth Rex) and of Yelm. I'm afraid I'm not much up on
Lankhor Mhy, so I'm completely unaware of whether the various attributive
surnames people on the list have attached to him are canonical. But I'm
sure that before I joined this list I'd never heard of Humakt possessing
several distinct aspects. But in these few days I've heard of 'Humakt
Strategos' and 'Humakt Oathmaker'.

Are these established aspects or subcults? Regional variations? They seem
highly appropriate (and I'd expect to find bodyguard, soldier, executioner,
and maybe huscarl aspects as well). It they have been established, where
can I find the writeups?


Brett Evill

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