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Date: Fri 24 May 1996 - 00:16:39 EEST

The Waertagi are by far the best sailors in the world. They are the
best oarsmen, the best captains, the best at predicting weather and
"reading" the sea. Propelling one's ship by the use of undines is
non-trivial -- the undine doesn't know how to steer, for one thing,
and you have to use the propulsion force just right.
        However, the Waertagi never used sails of any type -- they
did not depend on the air. The modern Waertagi, isolated on their
little islands, may have taken to use of sailing boats on occasion,
but certainly not the old style, now sadly returning.

Peter Metcalfe
>I've always imagined the Waertagi in their fastships as Germans in
their >U-boats rather than model of goggled-eyed Deep Ones
espoused by Nick B.
        Bleah. The military style of social organization is _so_
incredibly dull and predictable. I use it for cultures only as a
source of last resort. I picture the Waertagi ships as floating
towns, full of squabbling fishwives, grizzled sailors, naked
children, etc.

>On the sailing front, I thought that the Fonritans with their
>yachts and dhows were the most sophisticated in the field.
        My money's on the East Isles, who were able to keep sailing
during the Closing, and who have excellent light ships. Fonrit's
good, though. Maybe not as good as the Marthino folks.

DOminic McNamara
1. Could a peckish dark troll gobble down a microgorp and live?
        Sure. He might need to take a seltzer afterwards.

2. Who do ducks primarily worship?
        Ducks worship the gods of the humans around them.

>Do ducks use any form of feather tatooing or beak engraving?
        Depends on the duck. "Feather tattooing"? They might dye
their feathers, I suppose.

>3. What do ducks eat?
        The same stuff as humans, except a greater emphasis on
aquatic vegetation and seafood.

>4. Excuse my ignorance, but who is the odd lunar with the brass pot on
>his head? Whats his story?
        He is Beat-Pot Aelwrin. His story is long.

>5. Is there a market for blue llama spit in pavis? It seems to be the
>only surplus the blue llama riders possess (apart from blue
llamas). Why
>are the llamas blue?
        The llamas aren't blue. The clan are the "Blue Llamas".
Unless I'm misunderstanding the reference.

>6. One question. Morokanths - why?
        They are the Master Race.


Sandy P.


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